Case Study: 3 Funnels That Make Millions For Their Owners

As we have seen in my previous post, a funnel is a necessary tool for any business that is performing on a website. Without it, the customer experience becomes bland, confusing and profitless If you're already familiar with this concept, then read on and see by yourself how well it works in real life If, on the other hand, you happen to have landed here and don't have much of a clue about funnels, I suggest clicking on the link above and reading my article. ... That said, let's proceed to see a few examples of businesses that have applied these concepts to their website and are doing quite well. Here ...

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Niche Marketing: Steal Customers from the Leaders in Your Industry

WE live in a world full of opportunity, where you can make business out of virtually anything. The modern times have brought us a stream of tools, connections and open doors to creating a business and a personal brand, without the need to invest great amounts of money or setting up a team. Anyone with a device connected to the Internet can reach an audience, and either get them to buy some of their products or monetize in other ways. This means two things: You can make a business happen - now more than ever. ...

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The 3 Pillars of Customer Engagement

In a world driven by technology and communication you can be pretty sure that most of your clients are online. They're navigating, here and there, directionless. Just seeking for the spike in dopamine they get from social networks, video platforms, games... Their attention is there. If you can show up in the little screen within the palm of their hand, they're yours. If you've read my previous article, I spoke about the importance of a funnel and how you can use it to leverage your sales. In it I exposed the different stages down a funnel (the point o...

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Steps to Creating a Funnel That Converts

A funnel can be seen as a tool to aproach customer experience in the world of digital marketing, caring about the porspect and making them go through a series of steps that will determine the course of action they take. I like this term because it makes a good metaphor. Just like when you're trying to refill a bottle or fill up your oil tank, you need a tool that draws all of the substance together and inside the desired place. In online marketing, that tool is called funnel and the substance is called leads (or potential customers). You use the funnel to lead...

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5 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

A Website that can't keep potential clients in it is a website that is not set for success. A website that doesn't serve its purpose. When it comes to online marketing and engagement there's two important metrics to watch: Bounce rate. Exit rate. Read on and you will learn about the implications these metrics have on your online performance, as well as how to optimize them to achieve the desired outcome: To keep your leads in your website. What...

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The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true

– James Branch